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Why Buy Solar



Why Should You Buy Solar For Your Business Right Now?

You like the idea of using solar for your business, but still not completely sure on making the jump to solar? Your idea may be better and easier than you think. Solar is Clean, Green and Renewable Energy. With a payback period of approximately 5-7 years it makes more financial sense to install solar than to continue to buy electricity from your utility company. Sunterra’s solar panels have 25 year manufacturer warranties, along with warranties of at least ten years on the remaining equipment and labor. The solar panels are the majority of the equipment costs and they are manufactured to the highest standards which allow them to operate efficiently for over 40 years.

That’s right! Your solar power system could easily last 40+ years. In just the first 30 years you will save enough money to pay for the system over 8 times when considering the future cost of utility power.

Most businesses that have gone solar were most interested in predicting and fixing their future energy overhead costs, and most savvy business owners agree that energy rates will continue to trend upward to a point that is out of control.

Maybe you will not own the building that long?

That only changes the payback in your favor. In many cases building owners have sold their buildings with the solar and recouped over 100% of their investment while selling their building faster than others. That combined with the utility bill savings means you made a profit on your solar power system and it was easier to sell than if you did not have solar.

Already Sold on Solar?

If you have already decided on purchasing, and are in the process of selecting an installer, click below to find out why having Sunterra design and install your system is the right choice.
No need to become a solar expert on your own. You can depend on Sunterra Solar’s decade of experience designing, financing, building and maintaining solar power systems. We promise to professionally educate you with the most accurate information required make a qualified decision on going solar.